From the portrait story-telling experts

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Story-Telling Milestone Ideas

  • My first year.
  • Maternity portrait with Mom & Dad, Mom holding ultrasound picture, newborn portrait, family portrait.
  • See me roll over, sit by myself, stand up and walk.
  • No teeth, first tooth in, first tooth out.
  • Our growing family.
  • See how big my hands are.
  • Grandparents & me. 
  • Hairstyles over the ages.
  • Sports.
  • My best friends.

Tips & Tricks

  • Use the same or similar backgrounds.
  • Give your multi-album portrait a classic look with black and white or sepia.
  • Include your child's favorite toy in every session for a great way to watch them grow.
  • Have portrait sittings every few months. Your child will become very comfortable at your studio and you will be amazed at the results.
  • Begin newborn stories between 0 - 14 days old.
  • Watch your toddler grow in size and skills.
  • Use the same article of clothing in each sitting; hat, ribbon, jewelry, etc. 
  • Continue bringing in their first pair of shoes to track how big their feet are growing.