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Archival Service

Without the Archival Service, how long are sittings/albums typically held?
Sittings/albums are saved 90 days from sitting date.
Will past sitting/albums be saved with this Archival Service purchase?

All sittings photographed up to 90 days before your Archival Service purchase will also be saved after you claim them online.

Will all my sittings/albums be archived if I go to different studios?
To ensure that your sittings are archived, visit the same studio and use the same Guest name under which the Archival Service was purchased. If you do not, you must claim your sitting/album online within 90 days of the sitting or it will not be included in your archived albums.
Why is it important to always use the same Guest name in studio?
To ensure that your sittings are archived together, visit the same studio and use the same Guest name under which the Archival Service was purchased.
Why do the albums in my account have different expiration dates?
All sittings/albums are archived for 90 days or until the end of your Archival Service term, whichever is longer.
What is the difference between the Archival Service and Images CD?
Archival Service: We will store your sittings/albums beyond the standard 90 days. You continue to have access to low-resolution images to view, share, create and order products during the Archival Service term. Images CD: You purchase a CD containing high-resolution images from your sitting giving you the rights to use the high-resolution images.
What happens to my Archival Service if I move to another city?
Your archived sittings/albums will be accessible online for the entire Archival Service Term. If you do not visit the same studio, you must claim your sitting/album online within 90 days of the sitting or it will not be included in your archived albums.
My sitting/album has expired because it was taken more than 90 days ago; may I still purchase the Archival Service for that sitting/album?
Unfortunately not; we are unable to retrieve expired sittings/albums.
May I buy the Archival Service for more than two years?
Near the end of your Archival Service term, you will have the option to renew.
Is the Archival Service refundable?
Our Archival Service is not refundable.
If my computer crashes during my Archival Service how can I recover them?
The images are stored on our server so simply log in to your online account or visit your studio.
I can see all of my sittings/albums online, why can't my studio see them together?
You may have visited different studios or been photographed under a different Guest name.
How will I know the expiration date?
When you purchase the Archival Service, the print out you receive in the studio will include the expiration date. The expiration date will be shown on each album online.
How much does the Archival Service cost?
The Two-Year Archival Service is $9.99 plus tax.
How many sittings/albums can I archive?

There is no limit to the number of albums you can archive at this time.

How long is the Archival Service active?
The Archival Service expires 24 months from the date of purchase. Any sitting taken at the same studio using the same Guest name or claimed online during the Archival Service period will be saved to the end of your term or 90 days from your last sitting, whichever is longer.
How do I access my archived sittings/albums?
At your studio or in your online account at (click on order portraits/view images).
How can I extend the Archival Service? How many times can I extend? How can I archive my sittings/albums beyond two years?
You may continue to extend the Archival Service by renewing for additional terms at the end of your Archival Service term. There is no limit to the number of times you may purchase the Archival Service.
Do I have to download special software for the Archival Service?
No additional software is required.
Can other friends/family members use my Archival Service?

The Archival Service is non-transferable. However, you can share albums with them via email and facebook.

Can I purchase the Archival Service online?
Yes, you can purchase it online if you have active sittings/albums online.
Can I give the Archival Service as a gift?
Not at this time.
Can I download my archived images?
Can I delete sittings/albums before their expiration date?

You cannot delete entire sittings/albums. There is no longer a limit to the number of albums you can archive, so deleting albums is unnecessary. 

Website Issues

Why is the text so small? I can't read it.
It's possible that the text size on your browser is set at a low size. For Internet Explorer, under the View menu, select "Text Size" and try one of the larger font sizes. For the Safari browser go to View menu and select "Make Text Bigger".

General Studio Questions

What is your refund policy?
Target Portrait Studio has a 100% Guest Satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason, you are not happy with your portraits, we will retake, exchange them for sheets of a different pose or a refund, accompanied by a receipt dated within 90 days of purchase. With a receipt: Any returned or exchanged product accompanied by a receipt dated within 90 days of purchase will be refunded at the original purchase price, plus applicable sales tax, in the original payment method. No refund will be issued after 90 days of purchase. Without a receipt: Refunds or exchanges made without a receipt and purchased within 90 days, a refund will be issued only in the form of a service recovery voucher, equal value of return. Note: CDs are non-refundable once they leave the portrait studio.
What are your studio hours?
Our studio hours vary by location. Please contact the studio nearest you for hours and to make an appointment.
How many people can I have in one sitting?
Studio and background sizes vary by location. In general, we can fit parties of up to seven adults. Call the studio nearest you for more information.
How long will I have to wait to get my portraits after my sitting?

Your finished portraits will be ready approximately 7-10 business days after you place your order. Business days are Monday-Friday. Weekends and holidays are not counted as business days. Please refer to your order summary for your scheduled pick-up date. Enlargements might take longer. If timing is an issue, you now have the opportunity to purchase a same-day cd right at your studio. Ask for details at the time of your sitting.

How do I order more portraits?

You can place a reorder after you have received your original order by:

- Contacting your location portrait studio. Enter your ZIP code into our studio locator to find details for the studio nearest you.

- Online at You will need to create an account or enter your log in information.

We will store images from your sitting online for 90 days from the sitting date.

How do I contact my local studio?

Enter your ZIP code into our studio locator to find details for the studio nearest you or contact Guest Services at 1-877-388-9412 and press #1 to locate the studio nearest you.

Do you have a loyalty program? How does it work?

Yes. If you purchase a portraitprivilege membership, you are entitled to benefits on studio portrait purchases. You will also receive additional savings and special offers. The Target portraitprivilege membership can be purchased in the studio for $29.99. Visit our portraitprivilege page for more information.

Do I have to make an appointment for a sitting?
We do not require an appointment. But we do recommend that you make one--especially during busy holiday seasons. To make an appointment, call the studio nearest you.
Can I share my portraitprivilege membership?

portraitprivilege membership benefits are not transferable.

Can I make a change to the order I placed in the studio?

In-Studio orders: To change or cancel your order, please contact your local portrait studio. NOTE: CD orders cannot be refunded after they have been picked-up by the Guest.

Online orders: To change or cancel your online order, contact our Guest Service team at 1-888-228-7928. All returns and exchanges must be completed within 90 days of purchase. NOTE: CD orders cannot be refunded once they have been shipped.

Can I get a portrait taken with my pet?

Pet Portraits vary by location. Contact your local studio for more information.

Coupons and Pricing

What do I do if the portrait coupons online have expired?
Try hitting reload/refresh. If that does not work, please Contact Target Portrait Studio.
My children have birthdays in the same month. Can I redeem a coupon for each on their birthday sittings?

Yes. If two or more of your children's birthdays fall within 30 days of each other, you may use one coupon for each birthday. Save even more with a portraitpriviledge membership.

I have a free 8x10 portrait offer with my package coupon. Can I get the 8x10 portrait on a different pose?
No. When you use the portrait package offer, the free 8x10 portrait is from the same pose you selected for your package portraits.
How much is a sitting fee?
$9.99 per person.
How much is a portrait package?
Can I use a coupon for each of my children?

It depends on the coupon. You may only use one package coupon per family, per day. However, you may use more than one portrait sheet coupon in one day.

portraitprivilege Membership Card Questions

I've lost my portraitprivilege membership card, what should I do?

Inform your studio associate at your next sitting and they will replace your card.

How does the portraitprivilege membership work?

With a portraitpriviledge membership, you are entitled to benefits on any studio portrait purchases. You will also receive additional savings and special offers. Visit our portraitprivilege page for more information.

Can I purchase a portraitprivilege membership online?

The Target portraitprivilege membships can only be purchased in the studio.

Can I give a portraitprivilege membership as a gift?

Yes. A portraitprivilege membership makes a great gift! You can buy one at your local studio for $29.99.

Text Messages

How do I sign up for text messages from Target Portrait Studios?

Text 'targetportraits' to 61011 today, and start receiving exclusive offers and information from Target Portrait Studio. By signing up for Target Portrait Studio mobile alerts, you consent to receive messages and promotional offers by SMS to your mobile phone. You can unsubscribe any time you wish by texting 'STOP' to 61011. You will receive a one-time message to confirm your opt-out request. 

You must be 13 years of age or older to participate in our mobile alerts.

Your carrier's message and data rates may apply. All charges are billed by and payable to your mobile service provider. Target Portrait Studio does not charge you for sending or receiving text messages to 61011.

We will not be liable for any delays in the receipt of any SMS messages as delivery is subject to effective transmission from your network operator.

Data obtained from you in connection with this SMS service may include your cell phone number, your carrier's name and the date and time of your messages. Target Portrait Studio may use this information to contact you and provide the services you request from us.